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We are extremely passionate about unleashing our dogs’ natural drive and ability in scent detection and tracking; not only does this improve our relationship with our dogs, it also provides an outlet for them in an incredibly fun way. We are offering structured training in scent detection and tracking for companions dogs and for dog training professionals.


Scent and Track UK is one of the leading providers for scent based dog training in the UK

Scent and Track UK was initiated in 2019 by a small collection of passionate, like-minded dog trainers with experience in companion dog, working dog, and sport dog scentwork and tracking.


Scent and Track UK offers specialist, in-person classes, events, and full-day workshops to teach and train scent detection and tracking.

Our training is delivered by experienced dog trainers, using modern, evidence-based, scientific methods to ensure a positive experience for dogs and owners.

Scent Stars courses

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