Scent & Track UK: What We Do

Scent and Track UK offers specialist, in-person classes, events, and full-day workshops to teach and train scent detection and tracking.

We are passionate about scentwork! Our dogs have a phenomenal olfactory system, much more powerful and complex than our own. Scentwork allows our dogs a positive way to engage with and challenge their natural abilities, and seeing them flourish with this training is incredibly rewarding for everyone involved.

Our training is delivered by experienced dog trainers, using modern, evidence-based scientific methods to ensure a positive experience for dogs and owners.

We run three different pathways of scent-based training, split over three levels of progression, for pet, companion, and working dogs. Each pathway is open to any kind of dog, with no previous training required to begin at Level One. Each level has an option for assessment and titling/badges available for dogs on each pathway; titling and badges are not mandatory, but allow owners to achieve goals and provide a way to mark the many hours of training, bonding, and experience developed between a team.

Our Scent Stars program focuses on scent detection training, offering the SD1, SD2, and SD3 titles. Track Stars focuses on tracking, offering the TS1, TS2, TS3 title; each level within the program develops training and skills, increasing in complexity at each level. We have an additional Track Stars Pro pathway for those who want to pursue more complex and standardised tracking skills similar to those found in dog sports like Working Trials or IGP, which has more difficult assessment criteria to achieve the TSP1, TSP2, and TSP3 titles.

Inclusivity and accessibility are important to us! Our Scent Stars and Track Stars training programs are adaptable to all breeds and ages of dog, including those with mobility challenges.

Most of our events are held at a variety of venues in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire.

Scent and Track UK are available to hold workshops and events across the UK.

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