What is tracking?

Tracking engages our dog’s natural ability to follow a trail left on the ground by a person or animal.

A tracking dog has to work in unison with their handler to follow the trail through different terrains, environments, and weather conditions.

Most tracking dogs are found in dog sports or voluntary roles, but you may have seen operational tracking dogs working in a range of roles.

  • Police tracking dogs seeking fugitives
  • Pack hounds on drag or trail hunting
  • Working Trials
  • IGP/IPO Trials
  • Mantrailing
  • Lost Dog Tracking

Scent and Track UK offers introductory workshops and courses, which take a look at the different types of tracking & trailing to give a brief understanding of the difference between them, as well as two seperate pathways in Track Stars and Track Stars Pro. Track Stars has a regular monthly training group, while Track Stars Pro has three levels of workshops which go into increasing levels of theory knowledge and practical learning. Both pathways offer a chance to earn titles, certificates, and badges for you and your dog.

Track Stars

Track Stars is our tracking training pathway, aimed at dogs and handlers looking for a fun and rewarding activity they can enjoy together.

Learn to work with your dog and harness their natural tracking and trailing ability by working together to follow specifically laid scent tracks and find lost items on the route. You and your dog will work as a team, whilst enriching your dog’s life by being part of one of their favourite pastimes. All teams have the opportunity to earn certificates and collect achievement badges through workshops, regular training groups, and assessment sessions.

TrackStar is a progressive scheme aiming to promote teamwork between dog and handler, and encourage people to have fun whilst earning titles and badges with their dog. As such, the levels are designed to develop skills and build confidence as a team with each advancement.

Track Star Titles & Badges

Titles can be earned by achieving 3x Qualifying assessments at certain track distances and criteria, including one which must be completed on one of our Assessment Days.

Extra badges for achievements such as Urban Tracking, All Terrain tracker, All Weather tracker, Water tracker and distance tracks can be earned through training days, assessments, and video submissions.

Track Star Pro

A tracking pathway with a more technical lean! If you enjoy accuracy, precision, and attention to detail, while letting your dog utilise their natural abilities, then TrackStars Pro could be exactly what you’re looking for.

TrackStar Pro is undergoing a revamp! We’ve listened and learned from your feedback and will debut our refined programme soon. Keep your eyes peeled!

Track Star Pro Titles

Titles can be earned by achieveing a Qualifying assessment at one of our Assessment Days.

TSP1: you will be able to track a Straight leg of 50 paces and indicate a food pot at the end of the track

TSP2: you will be able to to track 2 legs, each 30-40 paces, with a corner and indicate 2 food pots

TSP3: you will be able to track 3 legs, 2 corners and each leg 40-50 paces and indicate 2 articles

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